Watch: Jack White’s “Disorder in the Court” (1936)

Watch: Jack White’s “Disorder in the Court” (1936)
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The stooges testify in a trial in which their buddy, a dancer at the nightclub where they perform, is charged with murder. 

The stooges manage to sabotage the proceedings, but they rescue the day when they figure out who the true culprit is.


A murder trial has The Stooges as important witnesses. Gail Tempest (Suzanne Kaaren), a friend and colleague, works as a dancer at the Black Bottom Cafe, where the Stooges perform. Kirk Robin (a play on “Who Killed Cock Robin?”) is suspected of murdering her.

Watch: Jack White’s “Disorder in the Court” (1936)
The Stooges annoy the defence counsel (Bud Jamison) in Disorder in the Court
The Stooges are nowhere to be found when they are summoned to testify. 

The defence attorney (Bud Jamison) walks out into the hall to discover the Stooges on the floor playing jacks and tic-tac-toe at the same time. 

After considerable mutual frustration, the court finally swears in Curly, who begins to describe the events that took place on the night of the murder.

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