UEFA blames ‘fake tickets’ for Champions League disaster

UEFA blames 'fake tickets' for Champions League disaster

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“As crowds outside the stadium grew after kickoff, police dispersed them with tear gas and escorted them away from the stadium,” the statement added.

“I’m just back – obviously an extraordinarily terrible night, a disappointing night,” Liverpool chief executive Billy Hogan said after returning to England. What transpired outside the stadium, though, utterly eclipsed everything.

The stadium access and perimeter security failures, as well as the treatment of our spectators, were very unacceptable.

Olympics host Paris under fire after Champions League 'fiasco'

“We are requesting a comprehensive and transparent inquiry, as we discussed with UEFA last night; an impartial investigation that can assist establish the facts.”

It’s critical that we comprehend what occurred yesterday night and how we ended ourselves in a position where people’s safety was jeopardized.

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