Tickets For Woodstock ’99 Likely Brought In More Than $60 Million

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How much were tickets worth?

Tickets were sold for about $150 plus service charges, per The Washington Post. With more than 400,000 attendees, that is well over $60 million that the festival raked in with ticket sales alone.

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How much was Michael Lang worth?

Woodstock festival creator Michael Lang died on January 8, 2021, per the New York Times.

At the time of his death, he was worth about $10 million, per The Sun and Celebrity Net Worth. He first got the idea for Woodstock after planning the Miami Pop Festival in 1968, which Jimi Hendrix headlined. Aside from working on Woodstock ’99, he also planned the original festival in 1969, and the first follow up Woodstock festival in 1994, per NPR.

After the first Woodstock, he founded Just Sunshine Records, which produced music by Betty Davis, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Karen Dalton, per Vanity Fair. He also managed artists such as Joe Cocker, Rickie Lee Jones, and Willy DeVille for a bit.

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