Tickets For Woodstock ’99 Likely Brought In More Than $60 Million

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ICYMI, the new Netflix doc surrounding the chaos of Woodstock ’99, the festival that was supposed to mimic the peacefulness of the original Woodstock festival of 1969, is officially out as of August 3. And the first episode is…a lot.Behati Prinsloo and five-year-old daughter Dusty Rose Levine sport matching top buns in LA

The three-part docuseries titled Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 dives deep into the disaster that resulted. Attendees didn’t have access to clean water, people got trench mouth (yes, the WWI-associated infection), there were tons of crimes, sexual assault reports, and three people even lost their lives.

So, yeah, a lot went wrong—but the festival also made a lot of money. With more than 400,000 attendees coming to the four-day summer music festival and ticket prices costing $150, that’s already a multi-million dollar total. Add in vendors, and it’s a lot more.

Read on to find out everything about how much money Woodstock ’99 made, and how much its co-founder, Michael Lang, was worth.

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