The Beyoncé ‘Break My Soul’ remixes, ranked

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1. Honey Dijon Remix

If anyone should be the breakout star for their turn in Beyoncé’s klieg light, it’s Honey Dijon. The trans house producer has been an underground favorite for years (she played an exuberant set at Grand Park just last year).

But after appearing on Bey’s “Cozy,” “Alien Superstar” and “Cuff It,” she returns the favor with the best remix of the lot here — a spicy reimaging of “Break My Soul” as a track that could do some soul breaking of its own. Piercing toms and stabby organs take a perfect vocal hook into even more exalted territory. It’s worth defeating monkeypox if for no other reason than to get to hear this track while smashed up into someone’s gorgeous neck on a dance floor.

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