Holly Madison talks about the fear she felt when she left her relationship with Hugh Hefner: ‘I was kinda synonymous with the Playboy brand’

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She told Viall why she’d gone public with her true feelings.

“For me, when I shared my story, it was just important for me to share everything about it, like the bad things as well as the good things, because on Girls Next Door, our lifestyle was packaged to look just very fun and happy and almost like family friendly in a way,” Madison said. “And after I left the show I was kinda like just going out living my life and I’d run into people every day who would come up to me and just have assumptions about my life or think they knew how things were, and it really started to bother me after a while because I felt like, when I would just respond to these people and say what I thought was the nice thing to say, like, ‘Oh, yeah, everybody’s great or whatever.’ I started to feel like I was living a lie, and it just really started to weigh on me.

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