Holly Madison talks about the fear she felt when she left her relationship with Hugh Hefner: ‘I was kinda synonymous with the Playboy brand’

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And there was something else.

“But also, like, a strange thing kind of happened toward the end of the relationship where the other girls were leaving and it was just me, and he started to get really verbally abusive toward me…” Madison said. “He liked to, you know, encourage drama between the other girls, and he didn’t have that anymore. So it was just me realizing that he was the problematic one. Like, I could no longer say, ‘Oh, I’m miserable here because of the other girls. Oh, if the other girls weren’t so mean.’ Not that Bridget or Kendra were mean. There was a long history of, like, other women that lived there before that, so I don’t want anybody to think I am talking about either of them. But, for a long time I made excuses, saying, ‘Oh, it’s just the other girls. If they weren’t here, you know, this could be a fun situation. But then when it was just me and him, I realized… this is what I’m dealing with, I can’t do it anymore.”

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