Batgirl directors ‘shocked and saddened’ as film axed: ‘We can’t believe it’

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The film, which starred Leslie Grace as the titular character, is not expected to have either a theatrical or streaming release (Picture: Warner Bros)

michael keaton
Michael Keaton was set to return as the Caped Crusader (Picture: Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

They addressed the fact that the project was cancelled in post-production, and said that while it was ‘far from finished, we wish that fans all over the world would have had the opportunity to see and embrace the final films themselves’.

However it’s clear the directors are still holding out hope, as they added ‘maybe one day they will isha’Allah (God willing)’.

Adil and Bilal paid tribute to their ‘amazing cast and crew’ who did a ‘tremendous’ job, and said they were’ forever grateful to have been part of that team.’

They went on to say it was a ‘dream’ to work with a star-studded cast including Leslie and Michael as well as Brendan Fraser, JK Simmons, Corey Johnson and Rebecca Front.

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